Eurosatory 2018: RT LTA exposes the new capability that will allow all SkyStar aerostat systems to t

The Israeli-based aerostat company RT LTA Systems Ltd. will present its SkyStar family of aerostats, which includes the Skystar 110, SkyStar 180 and SkyStar 330, at Eurosatory. Towards the exhibition, the company exposes the new Multi-WAN channel bonder that will be integrated from now on in all SkyStar aerostat systems ground control units and will enable them to transmit live stream video from the aerostat to anywhere in the world.

Beeper's IE-5000 provides mission-critical high-speed connectivity using cellular bonding software. The IE-5000 provides a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN) for broadcast-quality mobile video, voice and data solutions that go live instantly, providing live streaming video in and out of the bonder on demand – anytime, anywhere and on any existing network. It combines multiple 3G/4G Internet access links into a single aggregated multi-WAN broadband connection. It interfaces with Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi, with ultimate reliability and load balancing for optimized operation. The IE-5000 router supports IP telephony and video encoding and decoding, as well as internal DVR, designed for network convergence.

The SkyStar aerostats are a self-contained, versatile, and easily transportable tactical systems, ideal for defense, border security, HLS and public safety missions. Offering availability of over 85% in any given area, the SkyStar systems already accumulated more than 1,500,000 million operational hours worldwide. Beeper's IE-5000 will be an integral part of all the SkyStar aerostat systems that will be provided to clients.

Rami Shmueli, RT and AERO-T's CEO: "We are happy to expose our cooperation with Beeper, and to announce that Beeper's IE-5000 will be integrated in all the SkyStar aerostat systems from now on. The ability to transmit live video stream from the aerostat will be useful for many of our clients, as in case of an emergency, an ongoing security incident or a mass-casualty incident, commanders in the field as well as at the headquarters will be able to connect and watch the video transmitted from the aerostat on real-time. I believe that this is a real game changer that will allow better activation of the forces at real-time, and I am happy to expose this new capability at Eurosatory".

RT LTA Systems Ltd. will present its SkyStar family of aerostats, which includes the Skystar 110, SkyStar 180 and SkyStar 330, at Eurosatory. Alongside the SkyStar aerostat systems, RT's subsidiary, Aero-T, will present its SkyGuard1 large aerostat system.


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