Belintersat selects Controlsat from Integrasys to ensure SLA compliance and a high quality interfere


Integrasys, leading manufacturer of Carrier Monitoring Systems has provided Belintersat, the Belarus Satellite Operator with its Controlsat Carrier Monitoring System to deliver a high quality and interference free service. With Integrasys’ Controlsat Carrier Monitoring System, Belintersat is able to monitor up to 200 carriers per second. As well as this, the service offers unmanned operation 24/7 with interference detection, automatic SLAs compliance and reports and data analysis. All of which are crucial to maintaining a high quality service. Upon detection of service degradation or interference, Controlsat alerts operators, meaning any issues can be resolved immediately. Reliable QoS analysis and plots ensure the upmost QoS and SLAs compliance. Alexander Armonik, Head of Ground Applications Service Center, Belintersat, commented: “Our operations have been growing over recent years. That growth, coupled with international expansion means that it is more important than ever to be able to effectively monitor and control the entire network. Controlsat gives us peace of mind and the assurance that we can provide a continuous and good quality service to all of our customers.” For this implementation, Controlsat has been customised to address Belintersat’s unique requirements. This includes enhancements to the solution’s data collection and reporting functionality. It has also been integrated with a spectrum analyser from Keysight. Alvaro Sanchez, General Manager, Integrasys, commented: “Belintersat is a forward-thinking operator with a focus on enhancing the quality of experience for its customers and differentiating itself from the competition. For us, it was important to also be integrated with a high quality spectrum analyser. Having worked with Keysight’s products in the past, we knew it could support us ensure the fast rate of measurement and high accuracy our customers demand.” The N9000B is the newest X series analyser that, with the unique Ku switching matrix manufactured by Integrasys, achieves unmatched performances and measurement speeds of up to 200 carrier per second. Julian Arribas, Account Manager, Keysight added: “As satellite operators face increasing pressure to deliver a seamless experience, detecting and reducing errors is more important than ever. Thanks to the combination of Controlsat and our spectrum analyser, Belintersat is able to deliver a great experience for its customers.”


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