Meet 2wcom’s SAT, AoIP and FM (Cable) products

2wcom Systems will be pleased to present the extensive portfolio for SAT, AoIP, Cable (FM) and DAB+ by offering high quality encoders, decoders, codecs, modulators and demodulators. The complete end-to- end solutions do imply comprehensive redundancy and backup possibilities. Characteristically is a wide range of system settings for managing multiple network interfaces and simplicity in configuration by web interface or jog wheel.

We would like to introduce to you our special product highlights!

FM2TS - Eight-channel Gateway / Transcoder: a versatile partner for various fields of applications, which creates and transcodes single transport streams (SPTS) as well as multiple transport streams (MPTS).

Cable Network Operators do integrate the FM2TS to convert regional FM-radio programs into MPEG-2 transport streams for further processing in their cable head-ends infrastructure. Radio Broadcaster can stream up to eight FM channels for quality assurance as part of a FM monitoring solution. Additionally highlights are an SFP connection for optical fiber application (optional), RDS data forwarding and an antenna switching matrix.

FlexDSR04+ Professional Satellite Receiver: well known for broadcasting of local content, diverse back-up solutions and its comprehensive functionalities regarding monitoring applications. The long-established IRD SAT Receiver is equipped with state-of-the art technology. It is possible to handle transport streams via satellite (DVB-S/S2), ASI input and IP, while also managing elementary audio streams and Icecast streams via IP. Processing all common coding algorithms like Eapt-X, AAC, MPEG I/II Layer 2/3 or PCM, the multipurpose device includes a sophisticated concept for audio quality and redundancy options (Pro-MPEG FEC and DualStreaming to avoid IP packet losses). Furthermore, the FlexDSR04+ detects and switches over automatically to the best signal source available.

MM08E - Eight-channel MPEG Encoder: for absolute flexibility in dealing with SAT or IP environments. The MM08 encodes all common audio algorithms (Enhanced apt-X, AAC, MPEG I/II Layer 2/3, PCM) as well as RDS data. Additionally the Encoder generates multiple Audio over IP streams (RTP/UDP) or a combined DVB Transport Stream (DVB-TS) by up to 4 analogue, up to 8 digital (AES/EBU) or Livewire+/AES67 input (routing protocol, advertisement). Transmission of ancillary data and switching contact information (GPIO) can be forwarded via integrated interfaces. Very clever and cost efficient, the scalability from 1 to 8 audio channels can be changed via a simple option key upload, giving you flexibility in planning your network. With two physically separated network interfaces and the Dual Streaming feature, this device can provide a rock-solid IP transmission, especially when paired with a Pro-MPEG FEC. Two redundant and hot pluggable power supplies easy device maintenance without service interruption.


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