Business leaders and spectrum regulators convene to discuss the role of satellite in accelerating ad

Satellite communications experts will convene in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, on July 18, 2018, to explore the topic, “Satellite Communications: Bringing 5G and Advanced Technologies to Everyone, Wherever They are Located.” Part of the 31st Meeting of Permanent Consultative Committee (PCC) II: Radiocommunications of CITEL/OAS, the seminar will bring together representatives from government spectrum agencies and satellite operators, including EchoStar/Hughes, Inmarsat, SES, and Telesat, among others.

As global demand for fixed and mobile communications services increases, the Americas have become a critical market with approximately 800 million mobile users, a strong economic outlook and a commitment to spend tens of billions of dollars on 5G implementation. Over the next decade, satellites – which already spur innovation, economic growth and job creation – will become even more important in the region’s communications as 5G services are adopted. 5G is emerging as a ‘network of networks’ that will lead to new use cases and business models while enabling a number of nascent services such as Internet of Things (IoT), connected cars and smart cities. CITEL Administrations had expressed interest in learning about the deployment of satellite services in the region, including emerging applications, impact on 5G deployment, and consideration of regulatory aspects. The seminar will address these topics and more.

Challenge for the Communications Industry – Need for Internationally Harmonized Spectrum

Satellite has the potential to provide, complement and compete with alternative connectivity solutions throughout the Americas, including in developing and least developed countries. The challenge lies in assuring continued access to internationally harmonized spectrum on a shared and dedicated basis in low, medium and high frequency bands. Satellite can be the enabler of 5G services for everyone in the Americas, regardless of their location, but only with the availability of spectrum on a global basis. Recognizing this imperative, a priority of the seminar is for participants to discuss and agree upon approaches for assuring the satellite industry’s continued access to spectrum resources at WRC-19.

Comments from Erwin Hudson, CITEL Seminar Keynote Speaker: “The Americas have become one of the world’s largest markets for satellite capacity, and the future looks even brighter with dramatic improvements coming in satellite performance and bandwidth cost that will provide far greater value for consumers and spur greater economic growth across the region,” said Erwin Hudson, Vice President Telesat LEO at Telesat, a leading global satellite operator. “We look forward to discussions with industry colleagues and government experts on assuring spectrum availability and improved market access so that satellite can best serve the Americas, enable the implementation of 5G and make fast and affordable broadband services available to everyone.”

Comments from David Hartshorn, Past Secretary General of the Global VSAT Forum: “Satellite can be truly transformative. High capacity satellite systems can readily extend 5G services to reach millions of unserved consumers seamlessly and cost effectively with implementation in weeks not years,” said David Hartshorn, who, following 20 years as Secretary General of the Global VSAT Forum, recently began serving as CEO of Geeks Without Frontiers, a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of connectivity solutions worldwide. “The benefits could be huge in terms of economic growth, improvements in education and healthcare and even reducing congestion and overcrowding in urban areas. Access to spectrum for new satellite networks is probably the most important factor in bringing these benefits to consumers. The CITEL seminar is an important forum for industry leaders and government experts to convene and develop strategies that will assure 5G services are soon available for everyone in the Americas.”


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