IRG becomes Satcoms Innovation Group


The Satellite Interference Reduction Group today announced it is expanding its reach to encompass all types of innovation within the satellite communications industry. As part of that expansion, it has changed its name to Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG). SIG aims to promote innovation in the satellite communications industry to improve operational efficiency, reduce the risk of service impacting events, and improve quality of service. A significant part of that remit remains innovation to minimize satellite interference, both by prevention and quicker resolution. It also now covers other areas where innovation can improve performance and enable the industry to become more competitive. SIG will continue the focus on bringing the industry together at an engineering level. This makes it uniquely positioned to provide a platform for those engineers to discuss current challenges. This approach has resulted in a number of innovative solutions being brought to market that have had a massive impact on reducing satellite interference. Martin Coleman, Executive Director, Satcoms Innovation Group, commented: “Satellite interference remains an important challenge for the industry. At the same time, much of the innovation and improved processes we have been working towards also enable overall efficiency savings, which may also lead to cost savings for operators. Widening our remit is therefore a natural progression to enable us to support more than just interference resolution.” As well as being a unique collaborative forum, with in-person events happening across the globe on an annual basis, SIG will continue to lobby other industry groups and regulators where that is beneficial to the industry. It will also support and promote innovative projects to provide better tools and processes with the aim of improving efficiency in satellite operations. Current hot topics include Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), amongst others. Satcoms Innovation Group was officially launched today during Satellite Technology Asia in Singapore. The event is being co-hosted with Intelligence-Sec.


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