Major operational milestones reached at Sky and Space Global

Sky and Space Global Ltd is pleased to announce it has reached a significant operational landmark by winning a Research and Development grant from the Polish government and the EU, and also recently signed five new binding MoU agreements with global telecoms operators.

SAS awarded EU grant to research M2M device innovation

The Company has been awarded a 1.25m Polish Zloti (~A$500k) R&D grant by the Polish Government to initiate a project into M2M device and smart grid innovation.

This comes about as a result of an application submitted by SAS PL (Sky and Space GlobalPoland) to the Polish Government for funds set aside by the EU to support and encourage research into space and space technology.

The Company will use the funds for the creation of a Research and Development Centre in Poland, and for the purchase of equipment to initiate a full-scale industrial research project into the innovation of M2M devices and smart grids via the SAS nano-satellite constellation. The project will be established in collaboration with the Faculty of Electronics at the Wroclaw University of Technology – Poland.

The R&D project will support the SAS business model and be dedicated to working with operators in remote geographies in Africa and South America where conventional connectivity services are limited and very costly.

The project is set to innovate and disrupt the M2M and smart grid market by giving network operators in remote locations easier access to telecommunication connectivity allowing for easier aggregation of service offerings and effective network monitoring.

Five new binding MoU agreements signed with strategic telco partners

As updated on 17 September 2018, the Company has dedicated significant resources into the development of its proprietary software to ensure it remains ahead of the technological curve when presenting and demonstrating its capabilities to global telecoms providers.

The Company has secured a number of binding MoU agreements with the following telco operators;

Briskcom Business Technology

Briskcom is a Brazilian satellite telecommunications solutions company, active since 2003 and concentrated primarily on the energy sector. Briskcom is focused on corporate and government markets and has become a specialist in providing bespoke technological solutions that demand high availability and personalised support. Its solutions use the most efficient and effective technology available.


SkyX is a Canadian data acquisition company that designs, builds, programs and remotely operates autonomous vehicles for its large number of clients. Long-range flight, coupled with remote charging stations, enables missions that span hundreds or thousands of kilometres long, most commonly used in oil and gas pipelines and other long-range assets. Mission-specific sensors can be mounted to cater for specific customer requirements, and SkyX rapidly converts data into meaningful and actionable reports.


Penteon is a globally focused IoT engineering firm with over 150 years of technology and aerospace industry experience. The company leverages decades of terrestrial and satellite telecommunication for sensor and cloud enterprise expertise to focus on the design and manufacture of hardware, software and intelligent data analytics for Smart City, transportation and Smart Government IoT application. The Smart City concept is building cities engrained with innovation, while engaging and connecting with their economic, environmental and community health. Penteon provide the infrastructure in which to collect actionable data, analyse it, and use that information to make cities more efficient, cost-effective, safe, and healthy. SAS and Penteon will work together to explore how SAS’ connectivity platform can be incorporated into the projects currently underway by Penteon on industrial sensing solutions for locomotives, rail cars and track-side equipment.

Surge Telecom

Surge Telecom Ltd is a cutting-edge telecommunications start-up headquartered in Jamaica which provides specialised wireless telecommunications services throughout the Latin American and Caribbean Region. The company was started in 2015 by a group of tech entrepreneurs with the goal of creating lucrative and profitable niche telecommunication solutions that has significant impact on the countries in the LATAM region, especially the Caribbean. Surge’s latest venture is in narrow band satellite communications services where it is aiming to bring affordable connectivity services to a number of sectors including healthcare, safety and security and agriculture. The MoU with Surge Teleccom represents the third binding agreement for Sky and Space Global in the Caribbean region.

Unizen Technologies

Unizen Technologies (Unizen) is an Indian technology services company that, using satellite connectivity, provides managed services of IoT applications. It specialises in hardware and application development for safety and mission critical systems, high availability systems, high speed data acquisition systems and multi-core platforms, such as smart metering and smart farming. SAS and Unizen Technologies will explore how Unizen Technologies can use SAS proprietary terminals as a backhaul, following Unizen’s recent Nigerian contract win for the tracking of cattle. Under the terms of each MoU agreement, SAS and the respective partner will continue to test, discuss and collaborate on how proprietary SAS nano-satellite IP can be incorporated into current and future projects to improve the reliability and accessibility of the service. The MoU agreements act as a preliminary agreement and a pre-cursor to the negotiation of a more definitive revenue generating agreement in due course. They also stipulate a mutually agreed commitment by each company to satisfy a minimum number of devices and/or services utilised. The signing of these agreements reinforce and progress the Sky and Space business model of becoming a world leader in nano-satellite technology and providing connectivity to everybody across the world.

Sky and Space Global’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Meir Moalem said: “It is with great pleasure I am able to give this update on our most recent operational achievements.” “We are excited to begin our newest R&D project with the fantastic electronics team at the Wroclaw University in Poland. Research is the lifeblood of innovation and I am very proud we are part of a team that will take space technology to the next level.” “We have also signed a number of MoU agreements. The SAS team continue to work extremely hard to enhance our global exposure and build on our relationships as we head into the final quarter of 2018. All of the binding agreements signed recently include commercial terms and will be transformed to full commercial contracts.” “As you are aware, 2019 is going to be a transformational year for Sky and Space Global with the first Pearls set to launch and start delivering commercial services to our growing list of customers.”


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