Hispamar and Gilat launch a satellite-based broadband service in Brazil to promote high-quality Inte

Hispamar, the Brazilian subsidiary of the Spanish satellite-based telecommunications operator Hispasat, and Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services, have joined together to offer a new high-quality satellite-based broadband connectivity service, focusing on both the residential and corporate market, in order to extend Internet access to the parts of the country that are currently digitally isolated.

Both companies announced this plan in a special event for clients, partners and media held in São Paulo, as part of the Futurecom fair. The event was hosted by executives from both sides including Hispasat’s CEO, Carlos Espinós; Hispasat’s CCO, Ignacio Sanchis; Hispamar’s Business Director for South America, Sergio Chaves; Gilat’s Regional Vice President for Latin America, Tobias Dezordi and Gilat’s General Manager of Brazil, Eduardo Bessa. The joint goal is to enhance the reach of Brazilian Internet service provider networks, thus making it easier for residents to access a high-quality service, helping to bridge the digital divide and promoting development in Brazil.

For this purpose, Hispamar will use the Ka band capacity of its High Throughput Satellites (HTS) Amazonas 5 (in operation since last year) and Amazonas 3 (launched in 2013), which have coverage beams specifically designed for Brazil. The Ka band allows the satellite’s power to be concentrated on smaller areas than traditional frequency bands. Together with the greater available bandwidth and the possibility to reuse frequencies that HTS technology allows, the amount of information that can be transmitted will directly increase, reaching higher speeds and achieving more competitive rates for end clients.

SkyEdge II-c, Gilat’s highly efficient multi-service platform, has been designed for HTS and supports a broad portfolio of small terminal solutions, which will enable high quality affordable broadband to multiple market segments. The user terminals are compact and easy to deploy, greatly improving performance of satellite-based connectivity.

The capacities in the Ka band of Amazonas 3 and Amazonas 5 cover 74.5% of Brazil’s population, representing more than 145 million people and 48 million homes. The advanced technology of these satellites, complemented by Gilat’s high performance Sky Edge II-c platform installed in the Hispamar teleport in Caxias do Sul, allows Hispamar’s clients to offer complete connectivity solutions without the need to deploy additional ground-based infrastructure apart from a small terminal.

The technology presented by Hispamar and Gilat will provide a range of services including residential Internet access to Brazilian residents; connectivity services for telecommunications operators, offering competitive prices and high throughput, as well as services to institutions and companies, for the development of corporate networks. Furthermore, service will be provided for government services and mobile backhaul will be provided to complement mobile networks, as well as service for terrestrial and aerial and maritime mobility services. This plan will also help to make access to telemedicine and tele-education services easier.

Toward bridging the digital divide

Satellite-based broadband technology is the ideal technological solution to bring Internet access to areas that lack other telecommunications infrastructure, complementing the ground-based networks in the regions where they have not been implemented yet or where they are not viable for physical or economic reasons. Satellite coverage is universal for any point within its footprint, regardless of the distances or the region’s geography, and the service can be implemented quickly, as only a simple installation of a terminal and antenna needs to be done so that users can connect and enjoy broadband immediately, without having to wait for large ground-based infrastructure works to be completed.

In many regions that still lack connectivity, the Ka band offered by Hispamar and Gilat through local operators can be the solution to open the doors of the digital world to many Brazilians who are currently unable to enjoy the economic and social benefits that the Information Society provides.

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