ND SATCOM’s SMART MOBILE² NETWORKS provide efficient, secure and reliable connectivity for mission-


ND SATCOM‘s SMART MOBILE² NETWORKS provide efficient, secure and reliable connectivity for mission- and business-critical communications anywhere, targeting mobile 5G/LTE users in a mobile infrastructure.

• phone-to-phone via single hop

• extension to public or stand-alone network

• quick deployable cells for dynamic ad hoc networks

SMART MOBILE² NETWORKS are optimized for the military, governments, coastguards, first responders and enterprises.

More and more African countries are adopting or proposing legislation to localize data. This is an extension of a trend coming from big countries like China, Russia and India. While the benefits for end users are usually in the same domain, the impact on service providers in African countries will be affected quite differently than in the countries from which the trend took off. Some of them are already considering closing their businesses in some African countries, as they struggle to justify additional investments the new legislation imposes on them.

Consequences of the trend are even less benevolent for the satellite industry. Specifically, that means that it will be impossible to serve networks in different countries with a single teleport anymore, and installing a separate teleport in each of those countries will not be financially justifiable. Fortunately, SKYWAN technology from ND SatCom never suffered from such restrictions, because each node in the network can be a hub that relieves the service providers from hub investments.

All of the above applies to private mobile networks even more, whether for military, first responders or enterprise. Security plays a key role in private networks, and terminating traffic from a private network in another country is simply out of the question for majority of users.

That is why ND SatCom launched its newest solution, SMART MOBILE² NETWORKS - a secure, efficient and reliable solution which combines well adopted LTE technology with the state-of-the-art satellite connectivity. It is the only solution in the market which supports Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MC-PTT) over geo-stationary satellites, as defined by the 3GPP specification TS 22.179 and, as such, perfectly suited for military, governments, coastguards, first responders or any enterprises in the need of a private mobile network. Its rich set of features includes MC-PTT, voice, messaging, situational awareness, video management and facial recognition applications, with more to come.


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