Comtech Telecommunications receives $2.2 million contract to provide Troposcatter Systems for the M

Comtech Telecommunications has announced that during its third quarter of fiscal 2019, its Orlando, Florida-based subsidiary, Comtech Systems, Inc., which is part of Comtech’s Government Solutions segment, received approximately $2.2 million in orders to provide fixed site troposcatter systems for the Midia Gas Development (“MGD”) Project in Romania. This 2 GHz troposcatter installation will enable secure communications between the shore site and an unmanned platform approximately 120 km offshore in theBlack Sea. This link will enable remote monitoring and control beyond the reach of other terrestrial systems, with less latency than is possible with satellite communications. This system represents the first modern troposcatter system to be deployed in Europe for a commercial application, highlighting renewed demand for terrestrial, high-bandwidth, over-the-horizon communication systems for critical data links in the commercial world.

Fred Kornberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp., stated, “This project shows the growing need for commercial troposcatter systems to enable low-latency, high through-put data links across areas that are otherwise inaccessible due to geography or other factors. As the only modern company with extensive experience supplying troposcatter systems to the Oil & Gas market, Comtech is a natural choice for the MGD project.”

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