Telesat applauds Government of Canada’s commitment to bridging digital divide through next generatio

Telesat applauds Government of Canada’s commitment to bridging digital divide through next generation LEO satellite constellations

Telesat applauds the Government of Canada’s commitment to deliver high speed Internet broadband service to all Canadians through leveraging innovative and disruptive technologies, including Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations. Budget 2019 proposes to bridge the digital divide through the expansion of telecommunications infrastructure, including the plan to secure LEO satellite broadband capacity to deliver an affordable, reliable, ultra fast broadband experience to Canadians who do not have access to high quality Internet service today. Telesat has been providing broadcast and telecommunications services across Canada for nearly 50 years and welcomes the opportunity to play an important role in ensuring that all Canadians, no matter where they live, have access to fast, affordable and reliable broadband service.

Telesat is developing a revolutionary LEO satellite constellation that will deliver an unmatched broadband experience – affordable, high throughput, ultra-low latency, resilient, secure and with ubiquitous coverage – to disrupt the performance and economics of Internet connectivity throughout Canada and the rest of the world. Telesat’s highly advanced LEO constellation will ensure that all Canadians have access to affordable, high speed Internet service, which will stimulate economic growth, increase educational opportunities, and dramatically improve the delivery of healthcare and government services.

“Telesat LEO is the most ambitious global broadband infrastructure program ever conceived in Canada and will revolutionize how Canadians, no matter where they are located, experience and leverage the Internet,” said Dan Goldberg, Telesat’s President and CEO. “Universal access to affordable, reliable, and high speed broadband connectivity is a necessity for today’s digital economy and the prosperity of all Canadians. We applaud the government’s commitment to bridge the digital divide in Canada and its recognition of the power and promise of LEO satellite constellations to achieve this critically important objective.”


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