Phasor partners with STI for commercial ESA production

Phasor has engaged manufacturer Surface Technology International (STI), to bring industry-leading manufacturing capability to commence the production of its ESA systems.

STI is a specialist Contract Electronics Manufacturer, serving world-class customers in high-reliability industries by providing a complete set of electronics design and manufacturing solutions in both printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and full box-build manufacturing.

“STI is delighted to have been selected by Phasor as their manufacturing partner for their commercial ESA production requirements. The products will be manufactured in the STI Poynton facility, an industry-leading centre manufacturing high-quality electronic systems. We are looking forward to seeing Phasor grow in this rapidly expanding market,” said Simon Best, STI Managing Director.

“Contract manufacturing with a leading partner is a core tenet of our strategy. Our partnership with STI is critical and will enable us to start production of the Phasor ESA with a company that will be able to scale as demand for our technology grows,” said Mike Warren, Phasor SVP of Operations.

Headquartered in Hampshire, UK and part of the AC Industrials group, STI has decades of experience in the manufacture of complex aerospace, military and satcom systems. This will ensure that Phasor can successfully ramp up production as required with a renowned partner that is located within easy reach of Phasor’s London Technology Centre. In contracting a trusted manufacturing partner, Phasor can continue to focus on its core competencies in advanced ESA technology development, product design, and market development.

“STI brings vast experience to the table and consistently reaches the highest technical standards within demanding timeframes to offer a manufacturing solution with world-class technical competence. This is essential as we move into commercial production and, together, we look forward to making our technology and products commercially available”, said David Helfgott, CEO, Phasor.

Phasor’s very low profile (2” high), low weight, solid-state electronically-steerable antenna has no moving parts, making it more reliable and resilient than mechanically steered antennas. The modular, dual-beam architecture of the Phasor ESA provides resilience and interoperability between geosynchronous high-throughput satellites (GEO HTS), and non-geosynchronous satellites (Low Earth Orbit [LEO] and Medium Earth Orbit [MEO]) satellites.


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