Comtech EF Data expands Heights Networking Platform product line with new low-cost H-Pico Heights Re

Comtech EF Data has expanded its Heights™ Networking Platform product line to add a new low-cost, high-performance remote gateway, the H-Pico Heights™ Remote Gateway (“H-Pico”). The H-Pico will address CAPEX-sensitive end users while retaining Comtech EF Data’s position as the high-performance Very Small Aperture Terminals (“VSAT”) solution.

H-Pico supports multiple remote to hub throughput tiers up to 10 Mbps, which is managed via a centralized licensing capability. This scheme allows users to standardize on a single remote platform for low to medium capacity sites, simplifying stocking and sparing. Additionally, H-Pico supports inbound hub to remote symbol rates up to 500 Msps with standards-based DVB-S2X MODCODs supporting up to 256QAM.

H-Pico incorporates a quad-core processor enabling high efficiency and throughput with multi-layer optimization. The increased EIRP and G/T performance of new High Throughput Satellites (“HTS”) spacecraft allows for significantly higher user capacity. This increased capacity cannot be met if the underlying packet processing is not able to keep up with the increased traffic flow. H-Pico can support demanding user applications in a HTS environment enabling service providers to take full advantage of these new HTS designs and grow service levels as end users’ demands grow.

Purpose-built to unleash the potential of these tight spot beams, Heights remote gateways provide the strongest processing performance, maximizing user IP bits per Hz while realizing significant gains in user IP bits per Amplifier Watt.

“This latest addition to our HeightsTM Networking Platform product line will provide cost-effective, high throughput capabilities to support increasing end user traffic demands,” commented Louis Dubin, Senior Vice President Product Management and Marketing of Comtech EF Data. “The flexibility provided by the multiple transmit throughput tiers combined with the high-performance waveforms and multi-layer optimization makes H-Pico the ideal choice for a range of applications – mobile backhaul, offshore communications, latency sensitive business applications, IP trunking and Internet access, satellite news gathering and content distribution networks.”

The Heights™ Networking Platform combines Comtech EF Data’s most efficient waveforms, Heights™ Dynamic Network Access (“H-DNA”), header and payload compression engines, WAN optimization, multi-tier Quality of Service, proven dynamic bandwidth and power management along with bi-directional Adaptive Coding & Modulation (“ACM”) capability to provide the highest user throughput, highest availability, and most optimal resource utilization available in the industry. Heights meets the demands of those operating on traditional wide beams while providing distinct advantages for those using or considering migrating to HTS in their future. Heights can economically scale from tens to thousands of sites. The platform leverages a single comprehensive user interface teamed with a powerful traffic analytics engine that allows users to easily design, implement, monitor, control and optimize networks. The result is an elevated Quality of Experience for end users.

To learn more about the Heights™ Networking Platform and the new H-Pico Heights™ Remote Gateway, visit Comtech’s booth 1401 at Satellite 2019 in Washington, D.C. on May 6-8, 2019.


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