UHP Networks announces solutions for high-speed on-the-move connectivity

UHP Networks has announced the availability of enhanced solutions for High-Speed Communications On-The-Move (COTM) of their award-winning VSAT product which will be demonstrated at the upcoming Satellite 2019 show in Washington, DC. These solutions comprise several key features, such as seamless switchover of mobile VSAT terminals between satellite beams, load balancing across the beams and ultra-high throughput to match the state-of-the-art High Throughput Satellites (HTS).

UHP Networks is known for its disruptive innovation, and the new product release is true to the form. Multiple satellite footprints are stored in a super-compact remote terminal IDU which only consumes 9W and can be installed outdoors inside the mobile antenna enclosure. The remote has multiple DVB-S2X demodulators which can be used to accelerate monitoring of the adjacent beams. It implements a standard protocol to connect to the majority of COTM antenna controllers. The Hub is capable of fast assignment and de-assignment of bandwidth to terminals entering or leaving a satellite beam. It can also balance the traffic load across the beam based on beam priority and/or aggregate traffic load.

A super compact form-factor, typical in many UHP products, is also used in the new 200 Msps DVB-S2X-enabled Hub modulator. Used as a Hub or as a SCPC modem for wideband HTS transponders, this expands the range of applications in conjunction with the previously announced 500 Msps/256APSK Hub modulator for super-wideband transponders. The new 200 Msps modulator supports all the DVB-S2X MODCODs to 64APSK as well as some advanced mechanisms such as time-slicing.

The company CEO Vagan Shakhgildian explains. “On-the-move and in particular maritime networks, have become a significant part of our business. It suffices to say that two of our largest mobile networks have 10,000 remote VSAT and 3,000 remote VSAT accordingly. As many of such networks will be migrating to HTS, we will roll out the new features”.

To see a demonstration of these new innovations, visit UHP Networks at Satellite 2019 on May 6-9, Booth 800, Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC. Dr. Vagan Shakhgildian, CEO/President of UHP Networks will be speaking at the panel “What's the Technology Roadmap to Low-Cost Ground Systems” on May 8th at 1:45 pm.


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