Comtech Xicom Technology, Inc. announces world’s first 650-Watt Ka-band SATCOM HTS Gateway Uplink Po

Comtech Xicom

Comtech Telecommunications Corp.’s Santa Clara, California-based subsidiary, Comtech Xicom Technology, Inc. (“Xicom”), which is part of Comtech’s Commercial Solutions segment, announced today a new 650-Watt Ka-Band amplifier for High-Throughput Satellite (“HTS”) gateway service.

The XTD-650KaL is a compact power amplifier designed for low cost installation and long life. Its antenna is mounted at the feed to minimize path loss. This new traveling wave tube amplifier (“TWTA”) offers 150-Watts of more power than the classic 500W Ka-Band amplifier and features 215W of linear power at -19 dB Noise Power Ratio (“NPR”) across the 27.5 to 30 GHz frequency range. The amplifier is available with Xicom’s SuperCoolTMliquid cooling, which has many practical advantages over traditional air-cooled amplifiers including reduced heat load in hubs, flexible and more compact installation, ease of service and maintenance, higher reliability, ambient noise reduction and gain stability over ambient temperature. Power combining and redundancy architectures are also available.

“Xicom's new 650-Watt peak power amplifier is ideally suited to meet the market demand for higher power uplink amplifiers in support of high-performance geostationary Ka-band gateway applications,” commented Mark Schmeichel, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Xicom. “With the world’s first 650-Watt amplifier, we continue to drive the market to deliver high-quality performance products and economical customer experiences.”


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