AvL Technologies celebrates 25 years with continued growth and expansion

AVL Technologies

AvL Technologies is pleased to announce a year-long celebration for the company’s 25 years in business. What began in 1994 as Jim Oliver’s humble one-man engineering company making custom broadcast antennas has flourished into a company with 250 employees and a technology campus with 100,000+ square feet of product development, manufacturing and testing space.

AvL has grown steadily over most of its 25 years, and the growth has accelerated recently with the addition of 40 new employees within the past year. In 2016 the company added a second building to its campus for the purposes of expanding AvL manufacturing space and inviting new technology business to the area. Since the building opened, AvL has continued to take more space in the building and AvL is now the sole occupant of the manufacturing areas.

AvL’s main building also is expanding. The company is now constructing an addition with 900 square feet of space and a glass exterior wall. This new space will be used by the company’s software validation team as it is oriented with a full view of the “farm” of antennas used for prototyping and testing new products. When completed this summer, the expansion will house six members of the engineering team.

In AvL’s 25 years, the business has shipped more than 30,000 antennas globally, and most are still in use today. AvL’s production volume has grown from a few antennas per week in the 1990s to the capacity to produce 100+ per week today

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