Ball Aerospace highlights phased array antennas, optical communications and small mission solutions

Ball Aerospace

Ball Aerospace is showcasing how its decades of experience providing mission solutions for U.S. government and civil customers is being applied to benefit commercial markets at this year’s SATELLITE 2019 conference in Washington, D.C.

As a trusted mission partner, Ball’s expertise in space-based and tactical remote sensing systems, including phased array antennas, optical communications, small mission solutions (spacecraft, payloads, architectures) and persistent imaging and data analytics, are transforming the commercial marketplace in terms of accessibility and affordability.

Ball is an industry leader in the design and development of electronically steerable phased array antennas – offering modular, scalable antennas in a variety of spectrums for SATCOM, inflight connectivity and 5G applications. With five decades of experience building phased array antennas for the U.S. military that enable mission critical communications, Ball is leveraging this expertise to transition phased array technology to commercial communication markets. For example, Ball’s established family of AIRLINK® antennas provide reliable connectivity for the L, X, Ku and Ka frequency bands. The entire AIRLINK family is compatible with both commercial and military applications.

With a combined heritage of more than 60 years in optical communications, Ball is working with Honeywell to actively develop a line of affordable, high-performance, high-reliability optical communication terminals. The collaboration combines Ball’s proven, space-based optical system heritage and end-to-end systems engineering expertise with Honeywell’s volume production capabilities and expertise, resulting in unique system designs enabling affordable commercially developed solutions.

Providing small, highly calibrated instruments and configurable, cost-effective spacecraft, Ball is leveraging its heritage in small satellite technologies and expertise in spacecraft and instrument design and data analytics to develop commercial and government solutions across the value chain for the small satellite market, from analyzing big data to building small buses and instruments. For example, Ball designed and built the small, highly calibrated Compact Infrared Radiometer in Space (CIRiS) instrument for NASA’s In-Space Validation of Earth Science Technologies (InVEST) program, which will be integrated on to and flown on a cubesat platform. Ball also built the small spacecraft bus for NASA’s Green Propellant Infusion Mission scheduled to launch this year.

Ball’s phased array antennas, optical communications and small mission solutions will be on display at Booth #317 in the Exhibit Hall at SATELLITE 2019. Ball Aerospace leaders will also speak at the following series of keynotes and panel discussions:

Monday, May 6:

  • “SGx Keynote Series.” Melissa Sampson, senior manager Advanced Systems, Commercial Aerospace and Strategic Technology, Ball Aerospace, will speak during the event.

Tuesday, May 7:

  • “Delivering Critical Data from Any Size Platform.” Shelley Petroy, manager, Earth Science Mission Development, Ball Aerospace, to provide keynote presentation.

  • “Protecting Earth’s Natural Resources from Space: Food, Water, Farms, and Forests.” Lisa Wood, director, Space Sciences, Ball Aerospace, will speak on the panel.

Wednesday, May 8:

  • “General Session – Our Collective Role in Empowering Women and Cultivating Diversity in Aerospace.” Debra Facktor, vice president and general Manager, Strategic Operations, Ball Aerospace, to speak on the panel during this keynote general session.

Thursday, May 9:

  • “Antenna Technology for Advanced Connectivity Networks.” Pete Moosbrugger, chief technologist, Phased Array and RF Technology, Ball Aerospace, to speak on the panel.


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