Hispasat and Ovzon sign a strategic agreement to provide a powerful mobile connectivity service


Hispasat, the Spanish telecommunications satellite operator, and Ovzon, the Swedish mobile connectivity services provider, have reached an agreement to jointly offer a high-capacity mobile broadband solution. Thanks to this agreement, the two companies will leverage technologies, industry expertise, resources and market presence to promote joint growth.

The agreement includes technical collaboration across the organizations as well as joint go-tomarket initiatives for fixed and occasional use services in Europe and Latin America. Hispasat and Ovzon have developed a combined service which packetizes the Ovzon's renowned T5 portable terminal together with Hispasat's high performance satellites, providing governments, communication service providers and other organisations with a unique solution featuring an innovative and flexible business model.

The T5 is a small and easy-to-use advanced, next generation portable terminal, with an integrated antenna and modem which allow the T5 to offer highly reliable, fast and simple broadband connection. This new terminal is especially intended for government solutions, innovative multimedia services and for security and emergency needs. As part of this solution, Hispasat is contributing its spacial capacity in the Ku band over Latin America and Europe from the 30ºW and 61ºW orbital positions.

The combined terminal and connectivity offer included in a single service with a monthly fee removes one of the biggest barriers to entry by allowing clients to save on the investment in the equipment. This flexible and scalable business model can also be contracted with a minimum capacity and increase it when necessary.

For Magnus René, CEO of Ovzon, “this strategic alliance will provide customers with best-in-class satellite communication technology, backed by Ovzon and satellite fleet operation backed by Hispasat. I am incredibly excited about this partnership and the opportunity it provides to fuel our future success. We expect it to generate more orders in the coming years in Europe and Latin America.”

In Ignacio Sanchis's opinion, CCO of Hispasat, “Ovzon has developed a great piece of technology that allows for high performance satellite communications to be used in a small, light-weight portable terminal, perfect for a wide range of critical applications, including those which require high speed and broadband access. It's exciting for us to partner with them in making it available together with the powerful satellite connectivity of Hispasat. I'm convinced that together we will create a lot value for our clients.”

Cases of use

This satellite service combines the T5 terminal with extensive bandwidth provided by Hispasat's satellites. The service is particularly suitable for when emergency teams that use nomad satellite services (fire fighters, civil protection forces, emergency military units, maritime rescue, NGOs, etc.) need to deploy communications quickly and efficiently, as the antenna can be easily transported, carried in a briefcase that weighs less than 5 kg. The simple satellite connection allows it to easily establish high capacity communications in record time.

This solution is also ideal for services to contribute content for television, for example, as it is much more flexible and less expensive than using mobile units and offers much more dedicated capacity than more recent alternatives, such as 3G and 4G uplink backpacks, enabling safer, higher quality broadcasts.


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