The Satcoms Innovation Group to host workshop and tours at ConnecTechAsia

The Satcoms Innovation Group will host a workshop and satellite innovation tours at ConnecTechAsia. The workshop, which takes place on Wednesday 19th June, will see panellists discuss ‘The Evolution of Satellite Communications’. Speakers will debate cloud-based satellite communications, antenna technology and how Lower Earth Orbit mega constellations will impact the management of space and Internet of Things. The workshop will be an open forum in which participants can discuss views and opinions on the latest developments within the industry. The workshop will be chaired by SIG Executive Director, Martin Coleman. The Satcoms Innovation Group tour focuses on satellite innovation for the improvement of operational efficiency, with experts from each member organisation highlighting their company’s investment into innovative technologies. The tour will be held at 11:00 on 18th, 19th and 20th June and is hosted by Martin Coleman and his team. Martin Coleman, Executive Director of SIG and independent consultant commented, “Bringing operators together to examine the opportunities and challenges facing the industry is incredibly valuable in maintaining a cohesive and successful industry. With space becoming more and more crowded, it’s critically important that we take the time to understand each other’s requirements and operational needs. We must work together to ensure that the satellite communication industry remains robust and reliable in its development. I look forward to moderating an interesting day with both experienced panellists and audience.” Alongside the SIG workshop, Martin Coleman will be moderating the ‘Future of Work & Innovation Summit’ at the ConnecTechAsia Summit on Thursday 20th June 2019. The summit programme is set to explore Deep Learning & AI, Cloud technology, Blockchain and Enterprise Digitalisation. To book a slot on the satellite innovation tour or to register for the workshop, visit the SIG events page. Read the full workshop agenda now.

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