The Newspace-Factory group, promoting the french space technology capability, is at the Small Satell

Connecting the regional space ecosystem to the international market, this is the ambition of the 10 SMEs of the Newspace Factory group. Coordinated by the Aerospace Valley cluster, Anywaves, Callisto, Comat, CS, ECA Group, Erems, Mecano ID, Nexeya, Syntony GNSS and TRAD stand out as a team of SPACE ENABLERS eager to support ambitious new projects with their industrial capacity and their reliable equipment and their experiences on space projects (Rosetta, Insight, One Web, Kineis, etc ...).

It has been more than a year since this group travel the world to understand the international market, chaining exhibitions, conferences, industrial and institutional meetings. You can follow their adventures on and on LinkedIn and Twitter @newspacefactory.

After its launch in April 2018 at the SATELLITE show in Washington, Newspace Factory continued to expand its network, building new links with major players in the industry such as Lockheed Martin, SSL, Boeing but also Blue Origin, Rocket Lab, Spire, or even more unexpected Airbus DS and Thales Alenia Space. The elements that caught the attention of these players include the high quality of the Newspace Factory industrial tool, the dynamism and energy of the group and their knowledge of space projects. These qualities are important elements to mitigate the risk generated by constellation projects. The concrete results of the Newspace-Factory initiative are announced this week as part of the Small Satellite conference in Logan, for example;

MECANO ID will exhibit a new small satellite deployer:

“EOS system combines very low mass (less than 4 kg), predictable mechanical levels, very low spin at ejection and 5 free external faces allowing satellite appendixes such as sensors or antennas” explained Didier ZELY, Manager of Deployment Systems Product Line.

EOS spent the last year under development by MECANO ID with the support of French Space Agency (CNES) and Newspace Factory (NSF).

Meet Mecano ID on booth 123 at Smallsat, Logan and the companies Hemeria, Comat and Anywaves in the aisles of the show.


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