KSF Space Foundation launches first IoT small satellite mission from Mexico

KSF Space Foundation and Edison effects Mexico has recently launched a successful near space mission from Mexico carrying a platform consisting of small satellites from different universities (Morocco, Mexico & UK) and schools with the ability to transmit IoT command from Earth to space, and vice versa. This mission is considered the world’s first near space mission of its kind.

The Stratos Satellite CubeSat experiment will focus on stratospheric studies across the ozone layer and beyond to conduct scientific experiments to collect data on the effects of global warming.

Watch the mission video:

Additionally, KSF Space is preparing to launch a new near space small satellite mission supporting microbiology testing in microgravity on the 19th of October 2019.

The mission will offer medicine and biotechnology students the opportunity to send their experiments to outer space to be observed in micro-gravity aboard KSF’s “Space Capsule”.

Dr. Kayyali Says “We welcome experiments and nanosatellites from universities and schools to join our future missions; we are always open to help and guide academic research all over the world”.

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