Video Progetti announces additional UHD HDR IP outside broadcast truck project with NVP

Italian broadcast distributor and systems integrator Video Progetti today announced that it’s working on a third project with leading outside broadcast facilities company NVP. Video Progetti had previously delivered two outside broadcast trucks to NVP, and has now been asked to consult on a third in response to the rapidly increasing demand for its services that NVP is experiencing.

OB4 was delivered to NVP two years ago, with OB6 supplied in 2018. Concurrently, NVP commissioned Video Progetti to upgrade OB4 to the same specification as OB6 – and has now ordered a third OB truck with the same flexible functionality and high performance as the previous units.

NVP was founded in 2007, and rapidly rose to prominence not only in Italy, but also internationally with its reputation for deploying the most current technologies supported by highly specialised teams. The company provides facilities for major sports – including football, volleyball and motorcycle racing – as well as television, movie and concert events, with highly developed expertise in responding to the technical, creative and content requirements of broadcasters and corporate customers. NVP counts many of the highest profile broadcasters among its numerous customers.

“We have worked with NVP since the company was founded,” said Carlo Struzzi, CEO of Video Progetti. “They trust us implicitly, and value the responsive, knowledgeable support we’re able to provide. What makes NVP an excellent company to work with is that we inspire each other whenever we start talking about a new project such as a new OB truck. They have a way of thinking that reflects ours – that choosing and using the right technologies and products can not only enable the broadest possible range of customer requirements to be satisfied, but also that they can continue to do so well into the future.”

NVP’s two OB trucks are ideal for the coverage of live sports events considering that the second truck can always be acting as a hot backup.

The additional OB truck is also planned to be 14 metres in length and capable of being expanded to a working area of 65 square metres. The trucks are capable of 45 minutes of autonomous operation, thanks to the inclusion of 400 kilogram batteries. A team of 35 operators can be accommodated in the dual video and audio production galleries.

Support is provided for 28 4K resolution cameras and 30 Ultra HD/HDR streams, although Video Progetti’s open architecture design of the trucks ensures they can be cost-effectively and easily upgraded to take advantage of future technology developments such as 8K resolution.

“Our company was founded by myself and my two brothers – Massimo and Natalino – out of our shared passion for this industry,” said Ivan Pintabona, technical director of NVP. “We have always focused on innovation – we spend a lot of time ensuring we keep up to date with the latest technology developments to ensure that what we’re doing is delivering the best value to our customers. But: we’re also very conscious that technology is not an end in itself – it’s a means to an end, and that end is using our creativity and our ability to think differently, to deliver solutions to our customers that respond to their specific needs, and that are of the highest quality. We like to think of ourselves as masters of technology – not slaves to it.”


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