Elma Electronic devises platform for railway applications to provides modular building blocks in a r

To meet the growing number of distributed power requirements across different embedded computing applications, Elma Electronic has introduced the ELOS CompactPCI Serial-based system platform. The rugged chassis offers cost-efficient modularity with a rich ecosystem of building blocks from multiple board vendors for a number of railway, automotive and industrial applications.

With several variants available in the design, ELOS can ship with a choice of a 2- or 3-slot backplane, three enclosure sizes and four different power supply configurations. The enclosure is available with output voltages of 12 V, 24 V or 48 V as well as output power up to 75 W. This wide range of available configurations enables custom-built designs for a diverse set of rugged and mobile applications without proprietary interfaces of form factors.

Adhering to flexible design principles, the ELOS platform can be constructed to meet a variety of system requirements. A typical configuration consists of a rugged enclosure as well as a backplane, power supply and the needed CompactPCI Serial CPU, peripheral and mezzanine cards to achieve the application’s intended functionality.

The fully-enclosed system is constructed of extruded aluminum and can be passively or actively cooled, offering up to three 3U slots as well as a bay for the power supply.

Typically featuring a three-slot backplane, ELOS can be designed with a two-slot backplane with a system slot in the center of the housing for applications where a mezzanine card is stacked on the CPU. Although optimized for a CompactPCI Serial backplane, the system can accommodate almost any backplane technology.

Pricing and delivery are dependent on configuration.

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