General Dynamics announces end-of-repair support announcement for CM-200, CM-400 and CM-50/51 series

General Dynamics Mission Systems announces a change in repair support for the CM-200, CM-400 and CM-50/51 series Air Traffic Control (ATC) Radios.

General Dynamics Mission Systems has maintained supportability on the CM-200, CM-400 and CM-50/51 series ATC radios 10 years after ending production. However, General Dynamics Mission Systems will no longer be able to service repairs, offer accessory options, or provide updates/upgrades and technical assistance effective March 31, 2020 due to component availability issues and the depletion of finished goods.

We encourage our user community to learn more about our current ATC radios, the CM-300/350 (V2) series, when considering replacement radios. The CM-300/350 (V2) radios provide over 400,000 hours of Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and far exceed the capability of the CM-200/400/50/51 radios. Users will see improved co-site performance, have the ability to add new features via software updates, and will have the option to utilize either analog or IP functionality. More information on the CM-300/350 (V2) radio products can be found at

End of Life Schedule

The following End of Support timetable identifies the CM-200, CM-400, and CM-50/51 ATC radio replacements for your convenience. Once a product has reached its End of Support date, General Dynamics Mission Systems will no longer provide repair services.

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