Comtech Xicom to premier three new GaN SSPA product lines

Comtech Xicom will introduce three new lines of SSPAs and BUCs at Satellite 2020 in Washington DC.

  • Bobcat DC BUCs – Designed for compact terminals needing high power from very small packages. Bobcats enable users to shrink their footprint while speeding their link. BUCs are available in X, Ku and Ka-band at powers up to 64 Watts.

  • PUMA SSPAs/BUCs – Designed for fixed and transportable terminals, Pumas are flexible, high-performance AC-powered outdoor SSPAs. Amplifiers and BUCs are available at X, Ku and Ka-band with power levels from 80 to 500 Watts supporting a wide range of power levels and redundancy options.

  • Falcon Airborne SSPAs/BUCs - Designed for airborne satcom systems needing high power density with high efficiency, Falcons are high-performance, in-cabin and cabin-exterior SSPAs/BUCs designed for and certified to DO-160 and MIL-STD-810 requirements. Amplifiers are available in Ku and Ka-band, including multi-band switchable BUCs built into the Ka-band units.

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