Kymeta is making mobile global by completing the connectivity fabric for land and mobility

Kymeta the communications company making mobile global—announced the commercial availability of its next generation flat panel electronically steered antenna platform, the Kymeta u8. The new u8 terminal paired with Kymeta’s hybrid satellite-cellular connectivity services transforms the purchase and consumption of mobile data with an all-inclusive hardware, connectivity and services monthly subscription starting at $999. The Kymeta u8 is the world’s only commercially available flat panel electronically steered antenna built specifically for mobility and designed for the needs of both military and commercial customers.

The Kymeta u8 antenna enables complete coverage of the Ku-band with highly reliable electronic beam steering and no moving parts. It is available as an antenna, as a terminal, or in flyaway configurations, and it can be paired with Kymeta’s new satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular connectivity solutions.

Powered by top satellite service and cellular operators throughout the world, Kymeta Connect makes buying hardware, connectivity, network services, and global support as simple and predictable as buying a mobile phone plan. A variety of satellite or satellite-cellular airtime packages are available and provided in partnership with Intelsat and Cubic Telecom, among others. Customers will now have access to easily deployable and dependable mobile connectivity in places where reliable and affordable connectivity has not been available. Kymeta is also working with LEO satellite operators on technology and service collaborations as described in press announcements released during Satellite 2020.

“With our new u8 terminal paired with Kymeta Broadband connectivity and support, we are making mobile global with a fully managed, optimized, and easy to use blended service,” said Walter Berger, President and Chief Operating Officer, Kymeta. “It is a complete solution with an elegant simplicity that will be very attractive to companies who need predictable OPEX pricing for their regional mobile connectivity services. We believe this is an industry tipping point for unlocking new access to the internet in all parts of the world.”

“We look forward to expanding our successful partnership with Kymeta as they add Intelsat’s FlexMove managed service to their communications-on-the-move (COTM) connectivity solutions offerings. Working together, Kymeta and Intelsat are helping people stay connected wherever they need to be, no matter how remote or challenging the location,” said Samer Halawi, Chief Commercial Officer, Intelsat.

Kymeta’s mobile connectivity services will be available in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, sub-Saharan Africa, and Oceania with services extending to future geographies in the coming months. Initial deployments will include the military, first responders, buses, vehicle fleets, small maritime vessels, ferries, trucks and trains.

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