NSR releases toolkit benchmarking LEO and MEO satellite constellations

NSR’s Non-GEO Constellations Analysis Toolkit, released today, provides clients with an unbiased analytical framework to conduct internal assessments of LEO and MEO high-throughput satcom. With pre-loaded datasets and logic driven by configurable filters and inputs, the toolkit delivers an output-rich set of technical and business metrics benchmarking HTS constellations’ capabilities and performance. Mega-constellations comprising thousands of HTS satellites beaming globally tens of Terabits per second are poised to transform the space industry, making it imperative for planners and decision makers across all telecom value chains to quantify and visualize impacts at granularly defined levels. Through a multiplicity of configurable tools, NSR’s Non-GEO Analysis toolkit puts in the hands of clients the same set of analytical instruments that NSR leverages internally to holistically assess LEO and MEO HTS in support of market research studies and targeted consulting projects. NSR President Christopher Baugh commented on the toolkit: “This new NSR product showcases NSR’s leadership in empowering clients and supporting their evolving needs in a world that seeks 5G convergence across wireless, terrestrial and satellite network architectures. Indeed, under certain conditions LEO services can beat fiber optics, both in terms of latency and business value, making the NSR Non-GEO toolkit a useful evaluation resource for players across the wider telecommunications ecosystem.” Comparison charts, maps, infographics, business-case simulations and other output items allow clients to conduct their own data-focused analysis, leaving out subjective, qualitative factors. “The analytical mindset for Non-GEO systems differs from GEO’s as service capabilities and economics cannot be decoupled from architectural considerations,” states Carlos Placido, NSR Senior Analyst and toolkit lead developer. “Insight into how these systems are designed and what they are factually capable of is required because characteristics such as spectrum reuse, orbital dynamics and spacecraft lifetime drive throughput, addressability and, ultimately, business viability itself.“ For the last 20 years, NSR has become a trusted component of future-looking perspectives on the satellite & space markets. NSR’s annual research and custom consulting continues to provide in-depth analysis of the industry, bottom-line perspectives, and impartial perspectives to the industry. Today, NSR’s Non-GEO Constellations Analysis Toolkit provides clients with a new, flexible resource for in-depth analysis. Systems Analyzed in this Product 27 distinct constellation shells are analyzed for the below-listed LEO and MEO systems, including FCC-granted, in-orbit and operating, proposed systems and modifications: Amazon Project Kuiper (LEO), OneWeb (LEO), SES O3B (MEO), SpaceX Starlink (LEO), SpaceX VLEO, Telesat LEO, Telesat VLEO, ViaSat MEO and ViaSat LEO.

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