EMSTA and SIG host joint seminar on space debris

The Engineering, Maths, Science and Technology Association (EMSTA CIC) and the Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) will be hosting a joint seminar on space debris. The seminar, taking place virtually on 18th November 2020, is open to anyone, especially industry professionals, students and young people interested in STEM subjects.

EMSTA hosts an annual seminar raising different topical subjects. This year’s seminar, hosted jointly with SIG is entitled: Space Debris, 2020 Vision? – Causes, Consequences, Solutions.

More than 100,000,000 bits of junk, ranging from flakes of paint to 4+ tonne satellite & launch parts drifting out of control, are up there travelling at 17,500 mph in a band of altitudes between 200 to 22,300 miles above our planet.

As well as setting out a clear picture of the current and predicted situation of debris in space, the seminar will cover potential and upcoming solutions to the threat of space debris. With satellite explosions and collisions the principal source of this debris, this includes preventing further collisions, as well as finding new ways to better track, and ultimately remove debris.

The seminar will be chaired by Martin Coleman, Advisory Board Member and former Executive Director of the Satcoms Innovation Group, which aims to promote innovation in the satcoms industry.

Helen Weedon, Managing Director, Satcoms Innovation Group commented: “Space debris is a major challenge for our industry and one that will be solved through innovation. This session will highlight the current situation but also discuss how we can resolve it.”

Ian Williamson, Secretary, EMSTA, added: “Our goal is to make current and future generations aware that space is not an infinite environment. It is absolutely necessary that it is taken proper care of, and that we understand that failure to treat it cautiously can have disastrous consequences.”

Entry is free, but advance registration is required so that web links can be sent to delegates. There will also be an on-demand version available after the event.

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