New WTA Report, “New Antennas, New Opportunities,” Provides an In-Depth Look at Emerging Flat Panel

The World Teleport Association (WTA) today released New Antennas, New Opportunities, a new research report that takes an in-depth look at the development of a new generation of flat panel antennas (FPAs) from the point of view of teleport operators who must determine where, if anywhere, it fits in their operations today or tomorrow.

"The emergence of LEO constellations is driving a wave of investment and innovation in FPAs,” said executive director and report editor Robert Bell. “Will this technology revolution have a major impact on teleport operations in the near and long-term? Our 2020 report takes a fresh look at the technologies, companies, challenges and opportunities with the potential to reshape ground segment operations.”

WTA members can access the report by signing in to their accounts on the WTA website. The report is free for WTA Members and available for purchase by others. Members may directly download the report by following this link.

More about New Antennas, New Opportunities

The satellite telecommunications industry has always been dynamic, but the pace of change, driven by a combination of technological and economic factors, has accelerated in recent years. Demand for connectivity, while growing rapidly, is constantly shifting to the path of least resistance, regardless of whether that goes through space, terrestrial airwaves or underground cable. Satellite and teleport operators must continue to adapt by pressing their unique advantages.

Given their broad geographic reach, satellites are particularly well suited to mobile applications and areas lacking in terrestrial infrastructure. To better capitalize on these markets, several companies are planning and deploying large constellations of MEO and LEO broadband satellites. Realizing the potential of these constellations depends heavily on the simultaneous development and availability of competitively priced flat panel antennas (FPAs) with electronically steerable beams that can maintain a constant lock on satellites from mobile and stationary platforms.

The race to develop this new generation of commercial antennas is in full swing, with some companies already offering products on the market and others readying initial systems for commercial rollout.


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