Paratus installs 10-Gigabit campus area network at national milling

Businesses in Zambia know that the task of choosing a reliable telecommunications operator to install their network system can be a daunting one. With such a big investment, many business still aren’t aware that if they want to experience a seamless Internet connection, the best starting point should always be their network infrastructure.

Having a robust network infrastructure in place is a must for any business” explains Marius van Vuuren from Paratus Zambia “With the right support from our team of highly skilled professionals early on, we can offer you cutting edge, future proof network installations that will ensure your systems are geared to support your business growth.”

Paratus Zambia recently proved just how important the early involvement of a telecommunications operator is when they engaged and collaborated with the largest milling company in the country, National Milling Zambia to install a 10-gigabit capable campus area network at its new milling plant, connecting the plant as well as the office buildings on a single network.

“We engaged electrical engineers at an early stage, allowing us to make recommendations on what industry-grade hardware to use. This proactive approach meant that that we could install a future-proof campus area network that can be adapted to reach even faster speeds in future as the demand for data grows.” said van Vuuren.

The project relied on fiber optic cabling and was installed by highly-skilled, Molex-certified engineers ensuring a backup through a microwave link that switches over automatically to ensure guaranteed uptime and enhanced productivity under a 25-year warranty.

But how exactly does a properly installed network system ensure a seamless Internet connection? “Think of your network and cabling design as the heart of your business. Just as your arteries and veins provide paths for blood flow throughout your body, the cabling in a telecommunications system provides the pathway for a seamless connection,” explains Paratus Zambia project coordinator, Kapampa Mwila. A poorly designed network system will not be able to effectively traverse data, causing network outages and downtime your business does not need. And if the cost of downtime is not enough, the task of troubleshooting where the actual problem is may take days to find.

“We can now confidently keep up the production in our new plant knowing our phone systems, computers and machinery will work seamlessly for many years to come. It gives us the confidence to continue in our pursuit to support the agricultural sector and contribute to the economy in Zambia.” said Dave Bosse, managing director of National Milling Zambia.

Zambia has its challenges, but access to a quality connection should not be one of them. Experience efficiency and unlimit your business’ potential the first time around.

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