Proximum365 and Vimeet's digitized platform join lesBigBoss to become leading European offering

Founded and presided by Hervé Bloch, the Company DIGILINX, owner of the lesBigBoss brand and producer of its

affiliated events announces the acquisition of a majority stake in the capital of PROXIMUM. This first external growth

operation takes place within the framework of the company's strategic plan following the Fund raising completed in

July 2019 with Montefiore Investment through European Digital Group.

PROXIMUM365 is the European leader in business conventions in the Industry sector. They produce emblematic

events in the fields of Aeronautics, Space, Health, Defense, Energy, R&D... and Publisher of the Vimeet solution, a

technological platform for digitizing One-to-One events allowing the organisation of 100% digital or hybrid events for

its own account as well as for third parties accounts.

The health crisis with the first confinement associated with the necessary need to adapt the model of traditional BtoB

trade fairs to the new demands of their customers in terms of ROI, recurrence and transparency and real performance

in terms of lead generation have been the levers that have initiated the approach and linked these two avant-garde


"After the fund raising, I executed the diversification plan and quickly identified Proximum365 as being a strategic

partner to carry out a joint industrial project and to be a technological leader in the animation of BtoB communities. "

Hervé Bloch founding president of Digilinx Group. This operation therefore enables DIGILINX and all the activities

operated under the brand lesBigBoss to install strong synergies with technological skills and innovative solutions in

the activation of digital or hybrid events and to give a first momentum in an internationalization dimension foreseen

in the deployment of the strategic roadmap.

lesBigBoss and PROXIMUM365 bring together: Technological, sectorial and relational expertise.

keys to accelerate on tomorrow's business convention, become an undisputed leader and write together a new page

of the BtoB Event and premium community animation.

We are delighted to join the humble and entrepreneurial adventure that is lesBigBoss. Renaud Simard Director

General co-founder of Proximum.

This operation crowns a very good year 2020 for lesBigBoss given the hardships imposed by the health crisis and the

general economic context with no less than 25 physical or hybrid events carried out and 4 major events 100% digitized.

A performance due in particular to its strong agility, resilience and the recent digitalisation of the famous Winter Opus,

the Winter Edition, repositioned as Winter Online Meetings by lesBigBoss with 290 big bosses and 190 sponsors

united for nearly 5,000 One-to-One visio meetings. lesBigBoss can congratulate themselves for adapting their

programming to the context. This performance is due in particular to the strong agility and very high capacity of the

business model's resilience as well as the unfailing determination of the Team members.

As for PROXIMUM365, this particular year has strengthened its strategic positioning as the leader of targeted Online

Community animation, further accelerating its growth in terms of turnover and market making. They carried out 25

hybrid events and 248 Online events including 18 ”in house” events "254 on behalf of third parties.

The group aims to achieve consolidated sales of 14 million euros in 2021.

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