WTA report, “Teleports and the 5G Opportunity,” describes the benefits of growing deployment

The World Teleport Association (WTA) today released Teleports and the 5G Opportunity, a new research report that explores market trends in 4G and 5G, the technology and operational requirements for competing in 5G and how meaningful the opportunity for teleport and satellite operators appears to be now and in the coming year.

“As 5G moves from potential to real deployment in 59 markets around the world,” said executive director and report editor Robert Bell, “there is a mass of information out there, some accurate and some not. But little of it addresses the opportunities of most importance to teleport operators and other satellite service providers hoping to ride the 5G transition to greater revenue and profits. We report on conversations with operators and technologists who are working on and winning opportunities now to see what matters most.”

WTA members can access the report for free by signing in to their accounts on the WTA website. Non-members may purchase the report for $1650. Members may directly download the report by following this link.

For years, organizations from the 3GPP standards consortium to the European Space Agency have been working to ensure a place for satellite in the emerging 5G standard. Meanwhile, 5G has slowly emerged from potential to deployment. GSMA forecasts that 5G will account for 20% of global connections by 2025, at which time 4G subscriptions are expected to peak at 60% of mobile users worldwide.

At this juncture, WTA takes a new look at teleports and 5G, updating the early conclusions of its 2018 report with the experience of teleport and satellite operators and the technology companies that drive their innovation. Through interviews with the senior executives of large and small teleport operators as well as technology providers, the report provides insights about the current cellular backhaul market opportunity (2-4G) for teleport operators; the 5G-specific opportunities that service providers are pursuing or anticipating; the likely impact on revenue, costs and capital expenditures of continued 5G deployment; and requirements for attacking the market: expertise, investment, market knowledge, partnerships.

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