HISPAMAR presents its three new satellites and its portfolio of audiovisual services in the SET Expo 2018

HISPAMAR presents its three new satellites and its portfolio of audiovisual services in the SET Expo 2018

August 28, 2018


From today until next Thursday, HISPAMAR, the Brazilian subsidiary of the Spanish satellite operator HISPASAT, is participating in the SET Expo 2018. Organised by the Brazilian Television Engineering Society, this is the biggest event about contents and technologies for communications media in Latin America and brings together more than 15,000 attendees from different countries to São Paulo to debate and present technological innovations, regulations and new audiovisual products.


In the operator's stand (118), attendees will be able to consult its portfolio of audiovisual services -including innovative offers- and the powerful coverage over the American continent in the C, Ku and Ka bands from its three latest satellites: the Amazonas 5 (61º West), the Hispasat 36W-1 (36º West) and the Hispasat 30W-6 (30º West). These satellites are ideal for video contribution and distribution services, DTH (Direct to Home) and 4K TV; in particular, the Amazonas 5, which, apart from being located in a favourable orbital position for the Latin American region, possesses capacity in the BSS (Broadcasting Satellite Service) in the Ku band, an optimised frequency to provide video services, much less susceptible to interference. The Ku band and Ka band offering in the Amazonas 5 adds value to the service, as it allows triple play services to be provided through the same orbital position, consolidating 61° West as a leading position for video and high capacity broadband transmission services.


Innovative audiovisual solutions


In addition to the investment in new satellites, the company has entered into several partnerships with technological companies to promote innovation and expand its audiovisual portfolio. Together with the company Global Skyware, a global provider of satellite-based communications equipment, the company will be able to offer triple play services by satellite through modern hybrid Ku/Ka terminals which make it possible to provide optimised solutions for this service. This system integrates television and data services in different frequency bands and offers the advantage of using a single terminal and antenna both to receive audiovisual contents in the Ku band as well as data services in the Ka band.


The company has also reached an agreement with hiSky, with which it is developing small, modern portable terminals for communications, through which the company will be able to offer instant messaging, voice and data services oriented to the IoT (internet of Things) in Latin America. This new technology, known as "phase-array", considerably reduces the antenna size and allows for electronic beam bearing, thus allowing the terminal to be installed and configured for people without specific knowledge.


Pioneer in extended C band services


In order to promote the use of extended C band, in 2017 HISPAMAR launched a program which allowed the major pay TV operators in Brazil to install the antennas and equipment free of charge which allowed for contents to be received both through the standard C band as well as the extended C band, a frequency much less vulnerable to interference. Until that time, the use of this frequency range, which forms part of appendix 30B of the ITU, was something unheard of for satellite operators in Brazil. This project allowed Hispamar to sign a first agreement with Whoohoo, an important subscription Brazilian TV focused on sports, culture and youth entertainment.


"The dream of distributing Woohoo signal in HD has come true thanks to Hispamar and the excellent long-time relationship with its business team”, assured Ricardo Bocão, founding partner of Woohoo. "Hispamar has invested heavily, deploying reception antennas in the main headends of Brazil, which has given us security to choose the Amazonas 2 satellite for the distribution of our HD content, a very important step in the 12-year channel's career.” According to Sergio Chaves, Business Director for South America of Hispamar, “Woohoo is our first channel to distribute its content through the extended C band, which makes Hispamar the first satellite operator to provide the video distribution service through this frequency in Brazil. Thanks to our bet, today, this sector has at its disposal a new type of frequency to transmit its contents of high quality throughout the country. "

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