Integrasys delivers unprecedented automation, flexibility and scalability in Alusat 2.0

Integrasys delivers unprecedented automation, flexibility and scalability in Alusat 2.0

October 3, 2019

Integrasys has launched Alusat 2.0, the latest version of its automated network maintenance system. The update delivers increased automation, flexibility and scalability.
Alusat enables remote monitoring and maintenance of ground station terminals, reducing the cost, time, and effort involved in ensuring performance and availability of satellite networks is maximized. It enables virtual visits to every site within the network, allowing users recover out-of-service terminals, perform preventative SNR monitoring and deliver remote auto-maintenance.
With Alusat 2.0, users can now conduct automated maintenance for predicted maintenance, optimizing the network performance and detecting any future RF failures. Users can define an auto-maintenance target criteria for each network. Remotely, the user can determine the testing actions such as SNR, CRC, Copol, CrossPol, or ASI or any degradation. The operation can be monitored live from the remote display or can wait for the automated complete SLA reports in Excel or pdf. 
The latest version also incorporates SLA Analysis, giving an automatic SLA calculation and representation based on remote results. This means operators can easily pass or fail remotes based on RF threshold information analysis.
Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, Integrasys, commented, “Alusat is already helping our customers save time, travels, effort, and money in the maintenance of their satellite systems. With this version, we wanted to give our customers a more automated tool, with scheduling capabilities which gives them better flexibility while also making it easier to scale as more remote sites are added. Alusat 2.0 can automatically recover out of service VSATs while provides an unprecedented predictive maintenance experience with great reporting capabilities”
Additionally, Alusat 2.0 offers improved reporting capabilities, delivering test results, network analysis and auto-maintenance reports offering an overview of the entire network. Alusat provides users with a platform for historic data and logfiles management. 


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